Welcome to the Corner Store - Where you can find everything from 
Old Fashioned candies to Pronto! boxed Lunches.
Monday - Friday 9 am - 7 pm Saturday 9 am - 6 pm
Sunday 11 am - 4 pm
Online Ordering is Now Available
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On the SW corner of Washington St and 6th
in Downtown Royal Oak

Pronto!  Corner  Store   retails  more  than 
150  varieties  of  nostalgic  candies,  a full 
line of  Pronto! gift  baskets,  baked  goods 
and  pre-made  food,  fresh  produce,  soda 
pop and Detroit's enduring labels, Truan's 
Chocolate  and Better  Made potato chips
Check Out an Article from the Detroit News Click Here
248 544 7900  ext 27
248 544 0123 fax
Huge  Variety  of  Holiday  4'  personal  cakes  
and cookies from  $2.00   to   $6.00.    Lots  of   
candy   and  ready  made baskets   along  with   
new  3-Dimensional   Greeting  Cards.

Some of the Items we carry: 
    - Nostalgia candy 
	Nik N Lips, Mary Janes
	Candy Cigarettes, Ice Cubes
	Smarties, Marshmallow COnes
	Rock Candy, Pop Rocks
	Squirrels, and Lots More!!!
- Host/hostess gifts Nuts, Candy, Pronto! Cookie/Brownie Trays
- Baby Gifts
- Muffins
- Serving Seattle Best Coffee, and Tazo teas - Michigan Made Food Jams, Butter, Candy, Syrups - Cut Out Cookies - Ready made carry out foods - Homemade baked goods - Decorative petits fours
     - Tummyluv Gift Baskets (Click here for details)
     - Zip Code T Shirts (48067 & 48073)